Silver Stone Co., established in 2009, is a leading distribution company in IRAQ territory  supplying a comprehensive range of Medical and Pharmaceutical products from over 20 Multinational companies in the Healthcare field.
With over 300 products in its portfolio the company has a significant share of the healthcare market covering both the Government and Private sectors.
The Distribution network covers Hospitals, Clinics,Drug Stores , Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers and retail Pharmacies in all of the Iraqi territory including Kurdistan.
Internally the Company is organized along two Divisions: Pharmaceutical and Medical each one representing a number of major players in their dedicated fields of specialty.
Headquartered in Al Sulaymaniyah – Iraq, the company has extensive offices and warehousing facilities in Erbil , Baghdad , Mousal and Basra, all focused on the Healthcare sector.

Our Mission is to develop and sustain productive business partnerships with our Suppliers ,Customers.
Our values drive us at all time to be an ethical, loyal, and reputable business partner to all our Suppliers ,Customers and the Principals we represent.
We consider it our prime responsibility to provide our Principals wide geographical coverage, rapid delivery, sufficient company stock, competitive credit policy, and, when necessary, essential market information.

The Regional Distribution Centre of Silver Stone Co., is located at the Al Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad At the facility we maintain stocks to cover the market needs of our Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices . From Al Sulaymaniyah we also feed our regional warehouse centre in Baghdad , Mousal , Erbil and Basra . In both the centers ( Al Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad) we maintain the following activities:

• Pick and Pack areas
• Cold Store Chain Management
• The Al Sulaymaniyah Warehouse covers 60,000 sq.ft of Air Conditioned space as per MOH specifications.
• The Baghdad and Erbil Warehouse each covers 8,050 sq.ft of Air Conditioned space as per MOH specifications.
• All warehouses are according to ISO guidelines and MOH specifications.

Established in 2009, Silver Stone a leading distribution company in Iraq and Kurdistan supplying Medical supplies and Pharmaceutical products from over 20 Multinational companies in the Healthcare industry. The company has in its portfolio over 300 products from medical supplies to hospital equipment, to pharmaceuticals and consumer health products.

Since its inception, the company has grown multifold and has diversified into the core sectors of the Healthcare Industry providing advanced distribution and marketing services with a significant market share of the total Drug store ,Hospital, Clinic , and Retail Pharmacy sections of the Iraqi Health care market, plus its supply and experience in the public sector .

Our high standard of excellence covers the areas of distribution and customer service on behalf of our Suppliers in the Pharmaceutical and Medical fields.

Our Policy aims:

• To provide quality products at optimum prices with comprehensive after sales support to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• To develop our relationship with our Suppliers so as to enhance our core competency resulting in the fulfillment and expansion of our customer base.
• Developing, involving, and empowering employees to improve their competency for conducting their duties in an effective manner.
• Establishing and reviewing objectives at required intervals in order to achieve continual improvement.
• Complying with applicable regulatory and legislative requirements at all times.
• Identifying and reducing waste whenever possible.

Pharma Division

The Pharmaceutical Division distributes a wide range of drugs from leading Pharmaceutical manufacturers, covering the whole of the Iraqi Territory . The division serves Drug stores , hospitals, pharmacies, health centers, and private clinics in the country through an effective distribution network that ensures on-time product deliveries.
Silver Stone Co’s state-of-the-art warehouses in Al Sulaymaniyah , Baghdad , Mousal , Basra have well-equipped cold rooms to store pharmaceuticals that strictly adhere to international specification standards.
The Pharmaceutical Division also supports physicians and pharmacists by providing information on the new products to be launched in the Iraqi market.
We provide a total solution to our Pharmaceutical suppliers from order and stock management, to product registration and pricing by the Ministry Of Health (MOH), toTendering quotations, to medical representative support services, and customer relations.
This team has well-trained sales representatives with complete knowledge of the product lines they handle so as to carry out effective in-market sales activities.
The Registration Department deals with the Ministry of Health (MOH) ensuring that all regulatory requirement are met with. This enables the Division to quickly bring out Pharmaceutical products into the Iraqi Healthcare market.

The Medical Division has a verity of qualified dedicated product specialists and product managers who handle the entire operations of Al Sulaymaniyah , Baghdad . The Division also has Tendering and Customer Service Departments in both these locations to serve all the Iraqi Healthcare accounts representing world-class manufacturers in areas of Medical and Consumer Healthcare.

The product specialists visit doctors and medical practitioners in the public and private sectors offering information and assistance in the use of our Medical products and devices.